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Tommy Hilfiger deploying Etagtron RFID-based sample clothing solution
Tommy Hilfiger, as one of global premium brands, is offering first-class style, quality and value to global customers. Etagtron, as its RFID-based retail technology provider, has developed and customized RFID sample clothing solution including RFID hanging label and imprint service, sample warehouse management and sample item-level tracking and finding management. Chaos in sample clothing management is always a big headache for every apparel retailers. For example, a series of problems such as many types of SKU, frequent lending, moving, finding and return. After deploying Etagtron system, these problems have been settled and also efficiency in inbound and outbound has been increased and sample loss has been minimized.

ANZHENG Group implement Etagtron solution for anti-fake and anti-dumping
ANZHENG Group embraces “JZ”, “IMM”, “ANZHENG” brands. Etagtron offers RFID-based anti-fake and anti-dumping solution which includes RFID apparel label and imprint service, verification in batch quantity and item-level tracking solution. In, massive fake products directly affect brand's reputation and profitability. The key challenging problem that the retailers are facing is how to implement item-level tracing with anti-fake function. One of RFID technology features completely meets retailer's requirements: RFID label is impossibly copying and counterfeiting. Coping with Etagtron integrated system, it can realize item-level tracking in all retail supply chain to implement anti-counterfeiting. Additionally another feature of RFID technology is deployed in ANZHENG warehouse outbound application. Nowadays, its outbound efficiency has been increased to 350 items/pack in only 4 seconds. This dramatically reduces outbound time and labor cost, and importantly increasing accuracy. 

Chongqing Oriental Department Store is located in the central area of Oriental International Plaza which is the core of Jiangbeizui CBD. It covers nearly 100 international first-tier brands. It focuses on building a high-end intelligent experience platform with omni-channel retail integration. With professional international purchasing team, multiple optimized merchandise portfolio and professional intelligent service, the fashion quality life is given a new interpretation.
They are using Etagtron iMirror to enhance Shopping Experience and intelligent product query and using intelligent interactive display to attract customers.

Recently, the pioneering brand of Chinese men's wear industry, Septwolves, has successfully applied Etagtron iSHOP in its flagship store, including iGreet, iFitting and iPOS. This system is a comprehensive software and hardware system developed by Etagtron specially for retail industry, based on RFID technology and aiming at improving customer experience and store management efficiency.

RFID- Recognition and tracking of leather sheets in an all-round way, through one-to-one services, the fastest way to find leather sheets, direct payment to complete transactions;
Three ports of RFID, APP and POS are docked and online and offline transactions are recorded into the volume of leather racket transactions to improve the credibility of retailers.

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